Dear reader

I’m afraid I sometimes edit already published posts. This happens in two contexts

1. For spelling and grammar. In the course of churning out blog posts, despite my best efforts mistakes do sometimes slip through the net, so I may correct them afterwards, but without changing the meaning of anything involved

2. To add in links. If an older blog references a book I later review, for instance, I may go back to the older blog and put a link to the newer, for anyone trawling my back catalogue. These are added to the existing text without deleting anything

3. To add tags and summaries. This is mostly because I’m still getting the hang of SEO and it often seems to occur to me after publishing that there are tags I should have put in but have forgotten about. It has so impact on the article text. My earlier posts were poorly tagged (or not tagged at all), so when I have a spare five minutes I go through and tag them retrospectively. The same goes for article summaries that go out on the RSS feed and may be used for archiving at some point. Again, no impact on the text of posts.

I will not, however, add a new paragraph if a new thought occurs to me, touch up my style or delete anything on which I simply change my mind (say, in light of new evidence). That strikes me as not being the way a respectable blog does business.

Any factual errors or essential new information will be dealt with a published correction, probably in a comment, without any alteration of the original post.

I have not yet and do not expect to have any need to edit or hide any posted comments. If, say, a post made up entirely of swear words and death threats crops up I will review this and post a new policy up here, but the plan is to allow all comments.