The United Nations' International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has defined discussions of climate change for 20 years. This panel could do the same

I appreciate that commenting on a news story from a week and a half before writing this is stretching the definition of ‘blogging on the news’, but following on from my piece on climate change and ecological limits to growth, this article, “‘Green light’ for global biodiversity science panel” suggests a big step in the right direction for the global community.

The proposed panel on biodiversity and ecosystem services is not the piece of pure conservationism it sounds – ecosystem services means everything the environment does for us: as the article puts it “multi-trillion dollar services that underpin all life – including economic life – on Earth”. Done well this could pull together every place human society is crashing against its biological limits under one banner, uniting all the little issues into one big idea in the international conciousness. Definitely one to watch.